Challenge 56: Truth - Tell Me

Name: Tell Me
Challenge: 56 - Truth
Word Count: 100

Characters: Youko, Sei

“Why do you treat me this way Satou Sei? I’ve been nothing but a friend to you. I’ve done nothing but treat you right. Why do you hurt me? Why do you have to lie?” Youko yelled, her tears threatening to fall.

“Do you want to know the truth Youko? Do you want to hear what I have desperately kept from you all these years?” Sei closed her eyes fighting the feelings which were starting to burst.

“I love you. And I know… It would never mean anything to you.” 

“Baka…” Youko replied, pulling the blonde into a fiery kiss.

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Challenge 45: Music - Not as Much as Tomorrow

Name: Not as Much as Tomorrow
Challenge: 45 - Music
Word Count: 100
Characters: The Yamayurikai

Their little sisters and their en boutons were laughing their asses out. Youko could even see Sachiko trying to hold the laughter but failing. Eriko didn’t even bother that she was hugging Yoshino who in turn was holding Rei’s hand for dear life. Shimako was giggling with Yumi in their seats, amused at the singer. The music just kept on playing with the accompaniment of Sei’s voice which was shouting out at the top of her lungs as she knelt in front of the blushing Rosa Chinesis.

“I love you more today than yesterday! But not as much as tomorrow!!”

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Challenge 51: Will - Fast Love

Name: Fast Love
Challenge: 51 - Will
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sei, Youko
Summary: It's the night(early morning?) Sei spent with Youko and her Onee-Sama.

She could feel her breath merely inches from hers and red lips threatening to touch hers. Sei closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. She shouldn’t feel this way. Not today. Not with her.


A weary Youko asked. 


She answered.

-Get some sleep. Everything would be better in the morning.-

Youko replied falling back to her sleep. Unknowingly, she embraced Sei’s arm making the other girl blush through the darkness. Sei struggled against her will and against her heart. She knew it was broken. Then why was it beating so hard?

As if she was in love?

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Challenge 53: Jealousy - Wedding Day Jitters

Name: Wedding Day Jitters
Challenge: 53 - Jealousy
Word Count: 100
Characters: Youko (mention of Sei and Shiori)
Comments: My first drabble. Hope you could help me get better. Thanks! (edited thanks to kyanited)

She stood behind a tree, her eyes nearly in tears. Mizuno Youko watched as Satou Sei and Kubou Shiori share a kiss right in front of the chapel. Her hand balled into a fist. Her heart felt crushed. The Rosa Chinesis en bouton finally realized she was jealous of Shiori.
She stood inside a similar chapel, her eyes nearly in tears. Mizuno Youko watched as Satou Sei waited for her right in front of the altar. Her cold hands balled into fists. Her heart felt so high. The former Rosa Chinesis finally realized she had nothing to be jealous about.

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