yu_l_ia (yu_l_ia) wrote in marimite100,

Challenge #60: Answer: 4C

Name: 4C
Challenge#60: Answer
Word Count: 100
Characters: SeixYouko (not much of a surprise, huh?)

During her time at Lillian Youko learned that work was the best distraction from thinking about…Sei.
-Youko, what’s the answer to “4c”? It’s tricky!
And Sei was the best distraction from that distraction…
- Sei, there is no such question…
- Strange... there’s one in my book, here..

Pause. Eyebrow twitch. Pause.Grin. Lips pressed against lips.
Eyes wide open. Air painfully scarce. Pause.



Two years later, “4c) Remember our first kiss?” scribbled at the margin in a familiar handrwriting leave Fukuzawa Yumi's face to slowly turn a color “worthy of a Chinensis family” as Sei once put it.
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