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Prompt 04. Sincere, Prompt 05. Gift, Prompt 06. Decadence; Sei, Yumi. Shimako, Noriko. Yumi, Sachiko

Finished the first two a bit back, but I wasn't going to post it without the third. Well, the third ended up not really being my favorite.

...Oh well.

Felt like the comm could use a little life anyway. Enjoy, as always. X-posted to my journal.


Name: An Important Question
Challenge: 04. Sincere
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sei, Yumi.
Warnings: None. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Sei was not expecting this one.

If Yumi had ever wanted something truly sincere said to her, it was a simple matter of asking Satou Sei; Sei knew no differently how to say something.

It was not, however, Sei's habit to interfere in the affair that Yumi requested of her that day.

"I really don't think she will notice," was all that her mind could process.

"Are you sure?" Yumi asked in hushed tones, still obviously frightened out of her mind about asking, yet knowing full well it needed to be asked, preferably from someone of authority on the subject. "The bears aren't really too childish?"

Name: The Perfect Gift
Challenge: 05. Gift
Word Count: 100
Characters: Shimako, Noriko.
Warnings: None. Rated PG.
Summary: Noriko gives Shimako something completely out of the blue, and Shimako realizes how perfect it is.

Shimako was not a person who understood the intricate nature of gifts very easily. Always, she thought, for the holidays.

Therefore, she became confused at Noriko's sudden gift one spring morning. As she opened the box, she found a delicate charm bracelet, of undoubtedly no small value, a tiny cross linked on.

Noriko told her that it was so that she could always feel a reminder of who she was, and that she should add a charm for each time she knew she'd found another piece of her inner self.

It was, Shimako decided, the best gift she'd ever received.

Name: Above the Rest
Challenge: 06. Decadence
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sachiko, Yumi.
Warnings: None. Rated PG.
Summary: Yumi reflects on her experiences with the Ogasawara household.

Yumi had always expected that if she were to actually be lucky enough to visit the home of a rich person, that she would sense some sort of underlying decadence. The Ogasawara residence held nothing of the sort. The staff were always lively and loyal, the décor always colorful and vibrant; the only thing one could complain about was the attitudes of the family itself, which always seemed to feel like nobility just before the point of decline.

All except for Sachiko; she had trouble blending in. Always elegant, she stood above those around her.

This made Yumi secretly glad.
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