Challenge #60: Answer: 4C

Name: 4C
Challenge#60: Answer
Word Count: 100
Characters: SeixYouko (not much of a surprise, huh?)

During her time at Lillian Youko learned that work was the best distraction from thinking about…Sei.
-Youko, what’s the answer to “4c”? It’s tricky!
And Sei was the best distraction from that distraction…
- Sei, there is no such question…
- Strange... there’s one in my book, here..

Pause. Eyebrow twitch. Pause.Grin. Lips pressed against lips.
Eyes wide open. Air painfully scarce. Pause.



Two years later, “4c) Remember our first kiss?” scribbled at the margin in a familiar handrwriting leave Fukuzawa Yumi's face to slowly turn a color “worthy of a Chinensis family” as Sei once put it.
"Feeding The Fish"

The Triad Philosophy

Name: The Triad Philosophy
Word Count: 52
Characters: Eriko, Youko, Sei, Kasuga, Lillian High School Principal


All rosas’ of Lillian chose their respective soeur by their view of uniqueness through generations.

Eriko utilised The Data’s Collecting method.

Youko's Informal Inconspicuous Interview came into practise.

While Sei's soon to be in-charge had gone through late morning abduction.

And Kasuga-sensei wondered why Mother Superior was smiling one day.

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Prompt 04. Sincere, Prompt 05. Gift, Prompt 06. Decadence; Sei, Yumi. Shimako, Noriko. Yumi, Sachiko

Finished the first two a bit back, but I wasn't going to post it without the third. Well, the third ended up not really being my favorite.

...Oh well.

Felt like the comm could use a little life anyway. Enjoy, as always. X-posted to my journal.


Name: An Important Question
Challenge: 04. Sincere
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sei, Yumi.
Warnings: None. Rated PG-13.
Summary: Sei was not expecting this one.

An Important QuestionCollapse )

Name: The Perfect Gift
Challenge: 05. Gift
Word Count: 100
Characters: Shimako, Noriko.
Warnings: None. Rated PG.
Summary: Noriko gives Shimako something completely out of the blue, and Shimako realizes how perfect it is.

The Perfect GiftCollapse )

Name: Above the Rest
Challenge: 06. Decadence
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sachiko, Yumi.
Warnings: None. Rated PG.
Summary: Yumi reflects on her experiences with the Ogasawara household.

Above the RestCollapse )
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Challenge #57: Desire - Inattention

Name: Inattention
Challenge: Desire
Word Count: 100
Characters: SeixYouko

We’re in the middle of a meeting, and all I can think about is how much I want her. This doesn’t particularly bother me, as I always tune these things out anyway. Everyone thinks the Yamayurikai is so glamorous, but the actual work is somewhere between watching paint dry and waiting in the doctor’s office on the “interesting” scale. Who could blame me for entertaining myself by fantasizing about what she looks like under her clothes?
She shoots me one of her stern, “Pay attention!” looks, but I just smile back innocently. If she only knew what I was thinking...

Challenge #58: Forever - Sisters in Spirit

Name: Sisters in Spirit
Challenge: Forever
Word Count: 100
Characters: Unspecified

Not all soeurs are forever. But we are.

I’m there when she goes to check her college entrance exam scores, her hand trembling in my own.

She stands at the altar with a man who I know will never be good enough for her, and I give her my grudging support.

When he dies, I share her grief. She does the same for me.

We’re old and gray now, but a letter from her is still enough to put a smile on my face.

I stand at her funeral, feeling truly alone for the first time in over eighty years.