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Challenge 51: Will - Fast Love

Name: Fast Love
Challenge: 51 - Will
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sei, Youko
Summary: It's the night(early morning?) Sei spent with Youko and her Onee-Sama.

She could feel her breath merely inches from hers and red lips threatening to touch hers. Sei closed her eyes and pressed her lips together. She shouldn’t feel this way. Not today. Not with her.


A weary Youko asked. 


She answered.

-Get some sleep. Everything would be better in the morning.-

Youko replied falling back to her sleep. Unknowingly, she embraced Sei’s arm making the other girl blush through the darkness. Sei struggled against her will and against her heart. She knew it was broken. Then why was it beating so hard?

As if she was in love?

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